How to Scale Prototypes

We have been involved in a number of commissions involving scale models. The research into an object is often compelling and rewarding.

Reproducing an accurate representation of an object can be created from original drawings or scanning the object. This then can be recreated into a scale model. A scale spreadsheet is shown which can help to transpose the finish article as accurately as possible. Engineers over the years have used models to perfect a design, so instead of having an object to start with the engineer has started with a cut down version with the hope of evaluating the finished scale model so as to reduce any costly mistakes with the full size model. Ship builders, plane designers use this technique.
Previous example is 3dclever recreated a model building so as to give the architects an understanding of how the finished building will appear in its surroundings.
The one of the main advantages of working with 3d printing is if the scale needs to be changed then this can quickly be achieved. 3D drawing technology can easy change the scale of any object. This simple process means changes to a model or replacing a model is a very quick process. The enclosed spreadsheet can give an understanding of which scale you want to use. If you are building a model railway then by checking the spreadsheet you can ensure all the items on the model bed are in scale. If a person was twice the size of other people on the display then this would reduce the quality and effect of the display.
3Dclever has worked to produce prototypes of products which are only a fraction of the size of the real finished piece of engineering. This production prototyping can be used for ergonomic reasons. Does the arm rest look pleasing to the eye? Is the shape in the style of the rest of the compartment? Can the piece of work be produced in a cost-effective manufacturing process?
Project managers and research and development managers love 3d printing because the finished item can be produced and tested. The tests can be pre-set so the company goals for the product can be assured therefore reducing the risk of failure.
Due to the range of resins available 3dclever can match the properties of the finished item which add to a companies confidence in using a 3d printed prototype to evaluate the success of a product.
3d clever can deliver very accurate work because the type of printing technology we use. SLA printing can be set to print to an accuracy of 25thou which for most requirement this is well within the tolerances of the product design. Naturally fine print setting has a time cost which results in the finished item costing more but because the option is available scanning of people and objects has a greater success. Our scanning of people has proved astounding as a person�s face and characteristics can be reproduced. Figures are like pictures, a snapshot in time that you can look back on with happy memories. Life for some people is very short and their loved ones want to capture a time so as to remember them by.

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