What we do

3dclever is a cost-effective service bureau supplying design, rapid prototyping and manufactured components. The technology we use specialises in production batches of end user components. Please phone 07974245937 or email david@3dclever.com if you would like to explore how we could benefit your business and to see some examples of our work. Developing new ideas involves prototyping and 3dprinting is the ideal mechanism to achieve this. Customers want to be guaranteed security in these matters and 3Dclever values customer confidentiality and will have no hesitation in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA

Scanning & Design Scanning & Manufacture

The software used to design parts is Fusion360 or Solid works both of which are 3dprinting service industry standard. We offer a choice of 3dprinting materials, so we can full fill your 3dprinting service needs exactly. We can supply a fixed cost quote and guarantee the 3dprinting results you require or we will give you your money back.

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Model parts, car parts and prototype objects can be made to a bespoke level using a 3D printer.


3dprint bureau

3Dclever offers a complete 3D Printing Service in the UK including scanning and design.


3dclever shop

Please go the the shop site and you will find a range of items we have produced. Items can be directly purchased 

design services

Design Services

We can offer an initial consultation  which will produce a solution to your requirements



3dclever is an English company which means we are easily assessable via every means of communication. Talking face to face can often result in a more efficient and productive relationship, which means the end result is a profitable outcome for all concerned. Speed of turnaround from design to prototype is the main reason for using a 3dprinting manufacturer. We have inhouse designers who can come to your premises and discuss your requirements in detail and produce drawing which will belong to you. The work will be carried out in a confidential manner and the information produced will not be used by 3dclever or passed onto third parties. Our customer information is very important to us and we ensure this is secure and only accessed by authorised personnel. As Brexit will make the UK more dependent on UK manufactured goods then 3dclever will be able fill that requirement. Waiting week for goods to clear customs and then finding the finished item is not suitable is not acceptable and we as a local producer can give you a quick and responsible result.

Materials we use

We have a choice of 3dprinting technology from Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM). Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), this means we can offer the right solution for your enquiry.

Markets we supply

We do supply overseas customers, mainly in Europe which it is hoped will not be effected by the UK leaving the EU. The consensus is the manufacturing companies will not be affected by these changes as we are a net importer of manufacturing goods therefore any tariffs would hit importers into the UK more than UK manufacturers.
Manufacturing costs are low for 3dclever as the process is automated once the design has been loaded therefore high labour costs have a minimal effect on the price of the finished item. Speed quality and good service are in the view of 3dclever the most important parts of any business transaction. Prototyping is a process often of trial and error and our customers have been impressed with the patience and effort 3dclever have put in the achieve success.

References Available

We are pleased to supply examples of our work at no cost and we are pleased to supply references if required.